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As an osteopath, you must look constantly at ideas and treatments plans that will help conditions get better. At The Osteopathic Consultancy, I think that is one of our real strengths.”

Philip Mortimer – Founder


Osteopaths focus on the body’s skeleton and joint function along with underlying muscles, soft tissue and internal organs.


Acupuncture is a treatment technique, developed for over 2000 years, where very fine needles are inserted into certain points on your body.

Ultrasound and Electrotherapy

Ultrasound is a treatment method that uses high frequency sound waves in order to treat certain conditions.

Exercise Rehabilitation

We find that rehabilitation through exercise is an integral process to help our clients to recover fully and help prevent re-injury. 


Sports Massage

Sports massage is a deep tissue massage that can aid in pain management, improve flexibility and range of motion and help relax the muscles. 

Other Treatment Techniques

We also user Muscle Energy Techine (MET’Ss) and Trigger Point Therapy to help speed up revovery

Our Treatments

The Osteopathic Consultancy is one of the leaders in hands on osteopathic care in Norfolk.

We are based just north of Norwich city centre, on St. Augustines Street. Our modern ground floor clinic allows us to offer Osteopathy and Medical Acupuncture at the highest standard.

With over 10 years experience, our team aims to provide exceptional musculoskeletal treatment, we work with other care services locally for x-rays or MRI consultation and reports, as well as giving you support in GP contact and advice.

Our team always strives to look for new advanced ways in treating your sports, recreational and occupational injuries.

We have more to offer

As well as Osteopathy, we also offer ultrasound, acupuncture and electrotherapy within our treatment sessions.  This approach allows for a shorter treatment process with great successful outcomes in dealing with your acute and chronic conditions.

We educate

We feel that prevention is better than cure and will work with you to find out where the cause originates.  Whilst having treatment we will also advise you on exercises, stretching and other preventative techniques to stop reoccurrences and maintain your health.

Over 10 years of experience

We have the experience of dealing with conditions such as arthritic pain and mobility, spinal joint and disc dysfunctions, tendonitis, nerve entrapments as well as muscular and ligament injuries. The years of experience have helped us create treatment plans that work in reducing or removing lots of common biomechanical issues.  

We've got you covered

We’re registered with all major private healthcare providers who can often pay for most if not all of your treatment. 

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