How can Osteopathy improve your golf game?

At The Osteopathic Consultancy, we are passionate about helping our athletic clients reach their full potential whilst enjoying their sport too. We will work with you providing treatment not just through osteopathy but also through exercise programs that can help rehabilitate you if you’ve had an injury, or strengthen your weaker areas so that you are always playing at your best.

Osteopathy works in harmony with the biomechanics of the body and the golf swing itself. Osteopaths use techniques such as muscle energy techniques, high-velocity thrusts (HVT), stretching and articulation. Through good treatment plans clients have enjoyed increased lengths to their drive, a better short game, less or no pain with previous injuries, more energy throughout the 18 holes, better recovery and consequently more enjoyment.



All new clients have a consultation session – this is no different for our golfing clientele. We go a step further during the consultation session though, this is to assure that we cover everything that can affect your game. So we have our standard consultation where we look at your medical history, this is followed by a full postural and biomechanical assessment, including strength and flexibility testing, sensory and reflex changes, joint mobility testing for the spine and peripheral joints. Then we’ll devise a treatment plan on improvements necessary to help you reach better performance and enjoyment.

We are more than happy to liaise directly with your golf professional to specifically work with your biomechanics, thus helping to raise your game to its optimum.


Eaton Golf Club

The Osteopathic Consultancy works in association with Eaton Golf Club. If you are a member of Eaton Golf Club you can take advantage of an exclusive discount with your initial consultation session at £38 was £50
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