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Philip Mortimer B.Sc (Hons) Ost

Osteopath and Acupuncturist

Philip founded The Osteopathic Consultancy in 2005, originally set up the clinic within the Drayton and St Faiths Medical Centre on the outskirts of Norwich. In addition to this weekly clinic in Norfolk, he continued to work in London, primarily at Cannons in the City, whilst also maintaining an independent private client base, which included a number of high profile and celebrity clients. During this time Phil has worked and continues to work with GPs and consultants, as well as working with sports coaches and athletes in their pursuit of a better performance.

In October 2007 Philip opened his own independent clinic at a new location in Norwich city centre, with two treatment rooms, an additional osteopath and two sports therapists. In 2012 we relocated to our new clinic address, which is a part of the Highball Clinic.

Since starting The Osteopathic Consultancy, Philip has maintained and strengthened his connections with the London School of Osteopathy, one of the top British Osteopathic colleges, where he attained his degree. He now assists in teaching and examining undergraduate osteopaths, with a special interest in evaluation and technique. This passion to advance with patient care and individual needs has naturally lead Philip to work with a varied and wide-ranging clientele, and he is able to treat a plethora of conditions from elderly arthritic pain to the specialised biomechanical changes in sports such as golf.

“As an osteopath, you must look constantly at ideas and treatments plans that will help conditions get better. At The Osteopathic Consultancy, I think that is one of our real strengths”