What is Exercise Rehabilitation

At The Osteopathic Consultancy, we take pride in offering a multitude of therapy modalities to help you recover in the best and quickest way possible.

We find that rehabilitation through exercise is an integral process to help our clients to recover fully and help prevent re-injury.

Looking at exercise programmes tailored to you, we aim to restore strength and flexibility through exercise rehabilitation using functional exercises that will help return you to your pre-injury state.

The early stage of your exercise programme will focus on gentle exercises that allow your damaged tissue to heal whilst helping keeping you mobile throughout your recovery.

We then look at strengthening in order to help prevent the stresses and strains of everyday life leading to re-injury. Prevention is a key part of your treatment with us.

For sporting injuries, we work with you and your sporting professional, your personal trainer or your coach where necessary to help get you back to your pre-injury state.

We can also look at exercises that may help you biomechanically so that you can continue with your sport and help prevent any further injuries.

Getting Started

Always make sure you warm up before your exercise programme, 5-10 minutes of a low impact activity like walking or riding a stationary bike is perfect.

Stretch properly beforehand, don’t overstretch or strain your body by rushing this.

Don’t ignore pain, with exercises rehabilitation the “No Pain, No Gain!” logic doesn’t help. Pain is your bodies way of telling you that you’re going too hard.

Be sure to speak to us if you have any questions about any part of your treatment.