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Dale Gallant B.Sc Ost

Osteopath and Acupuncturist

Dale qualifed from The College of Osteopaths in June 2017 and joined The Osteopathic Consultancy team is early autumn 2017. He brings a wealth of knowledge with over ten years experience working as a qualified Sports Therapist, as well as a personal training background, which has led Dale to treat a wide variety of sports and posture related problems. Dale is also qualified as an acupunturist which he utilises alongside Osteopathy.

When Dale isn’t at The Osteopathic Consultancy he enjoys running his own training and therapy studio just outside of Norwich. He is a keen CrossFit enthusiast and weight lifter but enjoys all areas of fitness.

His experiences when training for competitions has given him a thorough understanding of the demands placed on the body, the injuries that can occur and the ways to prevent them.