Manual Workers

Manual workers – including builders, joiners, electricians, gardeners and decorators – perform physically demanding jobs which can place incessant strain on the joints and muscles. Heavy lifting and working in an awkward position in a difficult space can cause damage to our bodies which can lead to a range of conditions and injuries. Back and/or shoulder pain, rotator cuff injuries, tendonitis are conditions that we have seen and work with. Working with repetitive and continuous movements can lead to re-occurring headaches, neck and/or back pain and repetitive strain injury which we can treat and help you by looking into the cause to prevent the condition returning.

If your physical health is a key factor in enabling you to do your job and earn a living, it’s particularly important to take care of yourself.

The Osteopathic Consultancy we aim to help you take charge of your physical health by treating your pain and discomfort. Alongside this we look at key areas where we can help you to make small changes to prevent further injury or you re-injuring yourself, this can be through simple stretches that can be incorporated into your work life, or using postural and biomechanical assessments to help you move better and prevent further strain.

Construction worker pain