Office Workers

Technology has flourished over the recent years, meaning we’re spending more time at our desks or glued to our phones and tablets and we end up sitting down for most of the day. In fact – it’s estimated that office workers spend 65 – 75% of their working day sitting down. We are living in a sedentary society. It’s difficult to find time to get up and move but you are putting more strain on your muscles by sitting for hours at a time.

We often see people with desk-based professions struggling with pain in their necks, shoulders, back, hips and knees. Treating the pain is important, but we look at what could be causing the issue considering things that you may not have thought too much about, it can be lots of little things building up causing your pain, carrying your heavy bag on the same shoulder, a change in chair or desk. Our initial consultation session is built around you, finding out what could be the cause of your pain, treating the root cause of your issue.

As part of our treatment process we look at posture, we carry out a postural assessment and will address any problem areas that may need to be looked at. You can find out more about our 5 common posture mistakes and fixes.

Office worker with a stiff neck